Topcar Sport GmbH – Ronny Jost

Topcar Sport GmbH – Ronny Jost

18 February 2020

We have asked the team manager of Topcar Sport GmbH, Ronny Jost a few questions about his team and the TCR SPA 500. Last year they were helped by Bas Koeten Racing, but that is going to change this year…

Ronny Jost: “We are a swiss based team. Our Workshop is near Bern in front of all the beautiful mountains. Our start was in 2010 in the German Seat Leon Supercopa. We drove ETCC, TCR Germany and many more sprint races. Last year we participate together with Bas Koeten Racing (they did the Strategy for us) our first endurance races. In the second race we won the 24h Barcelona. For the 2020 Season we will participate completely with our own team. Whether we go sprint racing it’s not clear at the moment.”

1. What inspired you to sign up for the inaugural TCR SPA 500?

It is the biggest TCR Endurance Race in the World. Last year we took part in the first SPA500 and we end up 3rd overall. There is room to improve.

2. What can you tell us about your team history at Spa-Francorchamps: when and what was the first race at Spa, and what would you say is your teams most memorable race at the circuit?

My Dad was working back in 1973 for a BMW Team in the Manufacturer World championship. With our own Team we were running one car in ETCC

3. For fans watching around the world, which parts of the track do you feel will be the most spectacular to watch?

I think Eaurouge is always nice to watch. Specially in rain conditions.

4. How do you feel your car will perform around Spa compared with your direct competition?

We will do everything for a good result. We analyse our mistakes from the last SPA500 and try to improve. It’s always easier to improve when you are in P10 or behind. But we ended up P3, so it is not that easy.


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